The Might Awesome 'Powers' Rangers

Remember that oh-so-familiar TV series, where in order to save the world from some catastrophe, a few ordinary people would transform into superheroes wearing multi-colored tights? Well, if you got to hang with the Powers like I did this weekend, you'd see the resemblance (sans the tights). Kevin and Jessica are the superhero parents to four awesome mini-rangers, all under the age of 12. Kevin possesses the superhuman strength and speed to catch mini-rangers right before they run into the street, fall into a pond, or attempt to eat feathers from the ground. Jessica, on the other hand, has the superhuman ability to get all four mini-rangers laughing at the same time and properly dressed in their colorful ranger suits.

With their powers and good looks combined, you'd have to admit, they're pretty unbeatable. :)

Thanks for a great time and introducing me to the scenic Shuan Xi park at the foot of Yang Ming Shan. I'm so glad that as a family, you will always have this piece of Asia with you wherever you go!  Enjoy!