Caleb & Miki

Miki and Caleb came over my apt  this morning with their suitcase packed with fun outfits and props. "We're going for vintage," they said. "You know, the '40s and '50s look." "Oh, like, Gone with the Wind?" I asked.

"Not the 1850's!" said Kaylah.

Ok, so Im a few years off. :P But good thing Kaylah was there to back me up today! This theater major turned English teacher had not only the great angles on her camera, but also the time period know-how to guide Miki and Caleb through the shoot. She's ready to direct, I tell ya.

Thanks for the fun morning, Caleb and Miki. God obviously heard our prayers this weekend for good photography weather because it was nothing short of perfect! Congrats on your engagement and I'm excited for your coming adventures in marriage and in Africa!