Fashion, Kimchi, and a Night to Remember

Those are two words that you don't see together very often. Fashion week is long gone in New York, and your last bite of Kimchi was at that restaurant in K-town a while ago. What brings these two together, however, is the first Korean-American Fashion and Beauty event in NYC, presented by KoKo Living Magazine.

Thanks to editor and founder Kathy Choi-Lee, I was invited to take pictures of the event. It was quite a special night: I got to share hors d'oeuvres with Marja Vogerichten -- the star and host of The Kimchi Chronicles, AND I had the best view of the runway for the fashion show!

What stood out to me was the impressive gathering of new talent and entrepreneurship. I had so much fun and I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of many more photo adventures in New York.

Now sit back, get your kimchi on, and let's get the show started...