Ben and Meghan

What a wonderful weekend of surprises! Way to go Giants for an amazing comeback during overtime (Superbowl here we come!!!).  And then even more special, a last-minute engagement shoot with Ben and Meghan.... in the SNOW. Yup, as the last of the flurries came down on Saturday we headed over to Flushing Meadow, hoping to get to the snow before the kids do. With my ski gear on and my camera  in tow, we braved the wind and the cold to capture Meghan's vision of a winter engagement.

Meghan is the hero for the day because she managed to look effortlessly beautiful and happy while wearing nothing more than a red SHORT-SLEEVED dress!

Did i mention that it was in the snow?

Thank you Ben, my Taiwanese ge ge, for letting me capture these special moments for you and Meghan. You guys are awesome!