Central Park Proposal

If you happened to be in Central Park this past Tuesday and saw a girl with a big camera hiding behind a tree, seemingly fixated on a happy couple enjoying a picnic in the distance ... well, I'm proud to say, that's no other than yours truly. Tommy called earlier and asked if I could follow them discreetly through an afternoon in the park before he proposed. I told him I had my military camouflage ready. (To be honest, I've never felt more like the paparazzi or some crazy stalker. But hey, it's New York -- I blend right in!)

What was surprising, however, was being caught "red-handed" by Patty when she was on her way back from the bathroom, right BEFORE Tommy was about to pop the question (you can see his reaction below). We both thought she would be returning from another direction and I was doing my best to remain hidden, but next thing you know I hear Patty calling my name from behind.

"Hey Winnie, what are you doing here?"

"Er..." (I'm blushing and trying to cover my camera gear with my free hand ) "I'm just... waiting for some friends here..." (awkward!!)

If you know me, you know that I'm probably the world's worst liar. Thankfully Patty took the bait and moved on. Tommy then proposed with a pre-recorded message on his iphone recounting highlights of their relationship and eventually got on one knee. It was incredibly sweet and precious.

Congratulations, you two! I'm SO thankful to be a part of your engagement story, albeit in a random stalkerish way. All the best to the journey toward marriage and happily ever after!