Totally F.A.B.

So, I got a piece of Fashion Week by covering the Fashion, Art, and Beauty (FAB) philanthropic party at the Flatiron Hotel this year. I felt instantly cooler just by stepping into this trendy boutique hotel (check out the tropical fish tank!), and I was honored to tag-team with photographers Albert and Angel to capture the evening's events. I couldn't help but smile at how all the models were instantly "on" when I approached them with my camera. RAWRrrr. Congrats to designers  Sandra BaqueroJohnny Russia, Christine Leitner.

A "Bugs-ie" Birthday

Eddie, or "Bugs," as his family calls him, was all smiles when I crawled up next to him with my camera. I knew right away that this was going to be a LOT of fun. It was his first birthday and I was invited to snap up memories of the eventful day at the family-owned restaurant Recette. The party was complete with noise-makers, sing alongs, magic bubbles, and a rainbow parachute as big as the sky.

It was certainly a day to remember.

Happy Birthday, sweet sweet Eddie!

Ben and Meghan

What a wonderful weekend of surprises! Way to go Giants for an amazing comeback during overtime (Superbowl here we come!!!).  And then even more special, a last-minute engagement shoot with Ben and Meghan.... in the SNOW. Yup, as the last of the flurries came down on Saturday we headed over to Flushing Meadow, hoping to get to the snow before the kids do. With my ski gear on and my camera  in tow, we braved the wind and the cold to capture Meghan's vision of a winter engagement.

Meghan is the hero for the day because she managed to look effortlessly beautiful and happy while wearing nothing more than a red SHORT-SLEEVED dress!

Did i mention that it was in the snow?

Thank you Ben, my Taiwanese ge ge, for letting me capture these special moments for you and Meghan. You guys are awesome!

Fashion, Kimchi, and a Night to Remember

Those are two words that you don't see together very often. Fashion week is long gone in New York, and your last bite of Kimchi was at that restaurant in K-town a while ago. What brings these two together, however, is the first Korean-American Fashion and Beauty event in NYC, presented by KoKo Living Magazine.

Thanks to editor and founder Kathy Choi-Lee, I was invited to take pictures of the event. It was quite a special night: I got to share hors d'oeuvres with Marja Vogerichten -- the star and host of The Kimchi Chronicles, AND I had the best view of the runway for the fashion show!

What stood out to me was the impressive gathering of new talent and entrepreneurship. I had so much fun and I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of many more photo adventures in New York.

Now sit back, get your kimchi on, and let's get the show started...

Baby J.Kai

He had me at...  first glance. Baby Jeremiah, J.Kai, or Kai Kai (yup, he's got a name for every occasion -- what a cool kid!) easily won me over with those big blue eyes of his. Yes, you can drool on me.  Sure, you can eat my hair. Of course you can burp and toot your horn any time you want!

Though I'm a bit sad that  I won't be able to watch him grow up, I'm glad to have gotten a few snaps of J.Kai at his drooly finest. Aunty Winnie loves you, milk belly and all!

Thanks to mom and dad for their years of friendship and love. I miss you guys!

Reid Family

A few drizzles couldn't stop Maddy and Taylor from jumping in puddles and having a blast in the park. This was, of course, while the lady with the big camera chased after them shouting  "Smile at the camera, guys! Look over here! Ok, or there! Ok, smile! Pleaseeeeee?? " I had so much fun with the beautiful Reid family this weekend. At first we were a little disappointed with the weather conditions, but we made most of the unexpected and I think it turned out rather well! They were all troopers for braving the rain and cold (ritz crackers and fruit rollups to the rescue).  And hands down, Maddy is one of the brightest three-year-olds I've ever met. Thanks for inviting me to your home and enjoy the photos!

Ryno and Kat

I've discovered that a morning walk through the lush NTU campus will remind you of how good it is to be alive. I met Kat and Ryno there Saturday morning after they made the trek over from Hsin-Chu. The birds were chirping, rows of palm trees lined the walkways, and scents from exotic flowers filled the air. And, apparently, love is in the air.

Kat and Ryno were so much fun to photograph as they flirted and laughed their way through the session. To be fair, I had to do some instigating to get them to smile naturally.  "So Kathy, what's your favorite part of Ryno's body?" (Go ask her if you really want to know the answer ;) Kathy was glowing, and Ryno, as handsome and sweet as ever. Thanks for the fun day! Enjoy the pictures and I'm looking forward to visiting soon!

Dave and Mia

Dave and Mia were a bit too camera shy to tell me much about their story during the photo shoot, but what was pretty clear was their sweet love for each other. I saw  it in the way Mia's eyes lit up when Dave made her laugh, the way he carried her stuff (and we had a lot of it that day), the way they giggled when I asked them to try an Eskimo kiss -- seriously, what a cute couple. I loved the lush greenery in Zhishan Park (it's the park right outside the National Palace Museum). It added so much color to the photos and hey, it's  there year round! As per Dave's request we also made use of the Asian architecture throughout the park.

Enjoy the photos and congratulations Dave and Mia!

Caleb & Miki

Miki and Caleb came over my apt  this morning with their suitcase packed with fun outfits and props. "We're going for vintage," they said. "You know, the '40s and '50s look." "Oh, like, Gone with the Wind?" I asked.

"Not the 1850's!" said Kaylah.

Ok, so Im a few years off. :P But good thing Kaylah was there to back me up today! This theater major turned English teacher had not only the great angles on her camera, but also the time period know-how to guide Miki and Caleb through the shoot. She's ready to direct, I tell ya.

Thanks for the fun morning, Caleb and Miki. God obviously heard our prayers this weekend for good photography weather because it was nothing short of perfect! Congrats on your engagement and I'm excited for your coming adventures in marriage and in Africa!

The Might Awesome 'Powers' Rangers

Remember that oh-so-familiar TV series, where in order to save the world from some catastrophe, a few ordinary people would transform into superheroes wearing multi-colored tights? Well, if you got to hang with the Powers like I did this weekend, you'd see the resemblance (sans the tights). Kevin and Jessica are the superhero parents to four awesome mini-rangers, all under the age of 12. Kevin possesses the superhuman strength and speed to catch mini-rangers right before they run into the street, fall into a pond, or attempt to eat feathers from the ground. Jessica, on the other hand, has the superhuman ability to get all four mini-rangers laughing at the same time and properly dressed in their colorful ranger suits.

With their powers and good looks combined, you'd have to admit, they're pretty unbeatable. :)

Thanks for a great time and introducing me to the scenic Shuan Xi park at the foot of Yang Ming Shan. I'm so glad that as a family, you will always have this piece of Asia with you wherever you go!  Enjoy!

Catching up on some ZZZ's

I started off this weekend sleeping in and then hanging out with THE most adorable baby girl. Meet Zoe, just over six months old and full of silly smiles, snuggles and other unpredictable baby expressions. Her mom especially requested that we capture her baby rolls on camera before she grows out of them.

Well, we got the rolls, and a whole lot more!

This shoot was pretty special because I also did mom's maternity shoot (notice the football appears in both sessions). It's incredibly rewarding to capture these milestones of another family's life. Thanks Zimmers, for opening the doors to your home and hearts -- you're a beautiful family!

Em and Jens 'Thai' the knot

One of the benefits of living abroad is your proximity to cool travel destinations that you otherwise wouldn't have back at home. And when you're traveling to see some good friends say their marriage vows, it can't get any sweeter. The summer ended with Emily and Jen's destination wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand, and I can't think of a more perfect place for this triathalon-training, yang-ming-shan-biking, rock-out-Jesus-loving couple. The entire wedding extravaganza included a welcome dinner on the beach, a spa outing for the ladies (the men went deep sea fishing), a pool-side brunch, and finally, the wedding ceremony on a private beach. Yup, they know how to do it up in style.

Jenmily, thank you so much for letting me be a part of  your special day, and on top of that, giving me the opportunity to lounge by the pool to work on my tan. :)  Love you guys!

Summer Recap

Welcome to the new and improved blog! What do you guys think? I'm working my way around Photoshop and this blog is certainly still a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy the updates and visit often! This has been one wonderfully busy summer. Some projects this summer included Jens and Emily's wedding in Thailand, head shots for the up-and-coming starlet Ashley, and finally, maternity shots for Chip and Chelsea. I'll save the wedding pictures  for another post, but here are some real gems from the other sessions.

My dear friend Ashley has recently gone on to pursue her MFA at Regent University- what better way to send her off than with some gorgeous photos for her future stardom? Looking at these make me miss her terribly. She's quite the beauty, isn't she?







Chip and Chelsea are expecting their first baby- due to arrive any minute now! (They're in the hospital as I'm writing this entry!) They are one of the coolest couples I know and it was such fun capturing a bit of their relationship on camera. Something that I'm certain of is that they're going to be amazing parents. Chip, Chels, if you guys are reading this, know that I think you guys will make this world a better place by having as  many babies as possible. :) Love you guys!















More to come- Jenmily's Thai Wedding Extravaganza!