Hi. I'm Winnie.

I'm a lifestyle photographer currently serving the NYC area.

I picked up the camera a few years ago when I was teaching English abroad on television and radio. With my trusty Canon in hand, I discovered that I could create, shape, and capture the beauty of the people around me.

My best moment was when a stranger saw my work and said, 'Wow, I FEEL love.' The image alone was able to convey deep, heartfelt emotion. That's essentially what my photography aims to do, and I have a lot of fun doing just that with all the wonderful people I meet.

On weekends, you can find me tickling babies, sneaking up on a couple as they kiss, and making the most out of the 'magic hour.'

Questions? Have a cool photo idea that you want to try? Or just want to say hi? Would love to hear from you!

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